Our Studio Policy:

Learning about the Arts is as important as having a good foundation in Math and Writing. As a matter of fact, a good foundation in arts can help math and writing. The perception of the arts is that it is fun so it must not be worthwhile. Like driving most everybody can learn about the arts. Many common things that people say are “I don’t have any talent” or “My ….. has the talent in our family”. Most people just have not had the opportunity to explore the options and variety available to them through the arts.

Students taking lessons at VSMA are given the opportunity to learn and express themselves in the arts at what ever level they feel comfortable with. From the hobbyist to the budding professional the instructors at VSMA are dedicated to giving you the best arts experience available.

  • Students who miss a private lesson still have to pay for that lesson unless a weeks notice is given. (lessons missed due to illness are made up at the instructors convenience)
  • Students taking part in a class will not be refunded for missed classes. The instructors are highly trained and like any professional their time is valuable.

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